KBCZ Black and White Dance Party!!

KBCZ is having it’s 2nd annual Dance Party Fundraiser upstairs at the newly remodeled Odd Fellows Building in Downtown Boulder Creek! Beer and wine will be sold with ID and this years silent auction is fantastic! Tickets are $8.00 advanced for adults,($10.00 at the door) $5.00 for kids.  Appetizers and a dessert buffet included. KBCZ intends to shake your groove thing! Contact us here for ticket info!blackwhitedance

Social Media + A New Way To Submit Music

Hey folks! Online streaming for KBCZ is nearly here as we gather more and more local content by reaching out to the Boulder Creek and Santa Cruz community! To help spread the word, Boulder Creek Community Radio can now be found on your favorite social media sites! (located on sidebar)

In addition, we’ve also updated our content submission options by allowing locals to UPLOAD their music or talk shows by submitting content to our file hosting site. This should be a load off! :)

Thank you for your support and we’ll be keeping you folks updated on the latest developments!
KBCZ Social Media Links:

Updated Submission Page:

KBCZ To Hold A Public Workshop/Meeting

The Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks District, together with the KBCZ, will hold a public workshop/meeting on Saturday, November 1st at 12:30pm at the Boulder Creek Rec Center.

After several successful fundraising events, special grants and much hard work behind the scenes creating a studio and nearing completion of the on-line stream , KBCZ is poised to become a reality. The station plans to begin work on establishing it’s antenna to begin broadcasting live on the air by the spring of 2015.

KBCZ is currently looking for volunteers to attend this fun meeting/workshop with specialized talents and/or interests in the areas of technical knowledge, fundraising, marketing and programming. No experience is necessary.

The station will be a non-commercial local FM Radio station at 90.1FM serving the San Lorenzo Valley using an entertaining and educational format. The content is to be focused on local expertise on a wide array of subjects including local history, art, music, agriculture, weather, emergency information, upcoming community events, and our local economy. KBCZ is to be financially sustainable through donations and local business sponsorships..

Looking for Journalists and Reporters

We are looking for people of any age who have an interest in journalism and reporting to create content for Boulder Creek Community Radio. This is volunteer only and no specific amount of time is required. We are looking for people who would enjoy interviewing local people of interest and/or creating short radio shows that feature local people, places, events, history, etc.

Please contact…

Tim Welch
831 359 1000 c
90.1 KBCZ
Boulder Creek Community Radio

The KBCZ Summer Celebration Fundraiser is on Saturday July 19!!


Come join us for a day of live music, BBQ, beer and wine, a silent auction with items that include; Winchester Mystery House tix, Aquarium tix, Segway Tour tix, Santa Cruz Warrior Swag and much more!! Fun family games: Potato Sack Races, Tug of War (kids against adults!) and Jr. DJ Try-Outs! All proceeds benefit the Boulder Creek Community Radio Station KBCZ.

Bring a baked good and get 5.00 off. You can also volunteer for this fun event and get free admission!
Here is our fabulous on-line sign-up sheet:


Computers Needed!


KBCZ is looking for 1-2 computers to get our internet streaming going. One will be used for streaming while the other will be used for production and back up. We can use the donated computers we have received previously for other things but, we currently need one (preferably two) computers with the following specs:
3 ghz processor (multi core is better)
2+ GiB Ram
Any size hard drive

We would be happy to trade for sponsorship spots where we would announce your company name and website address as a sponsor of our programming.

Thanks for any help!


Tim Welch
90.1 KBCZ
Boulder Creek Community Radio

KBCZ Programming and Other Roles


Myself and the other volunteers with KBCZ are thrilled with the support we have received so far. In March, we had our first fundraising event, The KBCZ Dance Party. The turn out and support was amazing! More than 200 people came and we raised $4500 to help us cover expenses as we build the infrastructure of Boulder Creek Community Radio and wait for our FM license to be assigned to us by the FCC.

Recently, our tech support guru Logan was able to configure the Internet stream and we now need to start ripping and tagging local music, interviews and radio dramas for broadcast. This will be tedious because most local music is not in the Gracenote database so, most songs and artists will need to be labeled. We also want to add some liner notes about what local relevance the artist has, connections to well known artists, etc. We would like to get a programming group together who can share these tasks to make it go quicker and easier for all.

We also need to track down more local music believe it or not. You would think we would be inundated with CDs but, not so much. If you know musicians is the SLV or even Santa Cruz County who have good quality recordings, please ask them to get us uncompressed CDs (no mp3s unless they are very high quality like 320kbps). They can drop them in the mail slot at the Santa Cruz Mtn Bulletin where we share space. We are also interested in other types of programming like radio plays, comedies, educational programs, etc. It would be helpful if the artist could note any explicit tracks and include any liner note info they would like to share (ie. Boulder Creek harmonica player George Galt also plays with legendary guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson).

If your interests are in other areas like operations, fundraising, outreach, etc., that is fine too. Just let us know. We have plenty of things to work on. Some are just basic things that need to get done like putting together the station guidelines, contacting people, putting together the community calendar for broadcast, etc. We also want to connect with the local schools.

The plan is to start pre-programming the automated software with content for broadcast on the Internet starting now and then, start adding live DJ’s, talk shows, etc. We are primarily an educational format as designated by the FCC. We will stream from our website, TuneIn, etc.

We would like to stream traffic and weather via an RSS feed so people can get it on their mobiles. The plan is to have people text or call us from the road and let us know where trees are down, roads are closed, etc. This will also stream on our website. Eventually, we will want someone to do live updates over the FM broadcast. This could be the DJ or someone else.

We are also making progress on the production studio which, will be in the back of Barry Tanner’s BC Music Works studio (the old post office behind The Odd Fellows Building). I am excited how nicely this worked out. It is a good size space with doors we can close to reduce noise. If you have interest in doing any kind of show, Sam Peacock will be getting together with people in the production studio to do an air-check (a short demo). Just let me know.

I am excited to begin the next stage of development with you all and I look forward to hearing from you about your interests.


Tim Welch
831 359 1000 c
90.1 KBCZ
Boulder Creek Community Radio

We Are Looking For Local Music!


KBCZ is looking for more local music to be cataloged and played in rotation on its station. If you have good quality recordings, KBCZ is asking for local music that are pressed onto CDs (no mp3s unless they are very high quality like 320kbps). KBCZ is also interested in other types of pre-recorded programming like radio plays, comedies and educational programs. KBCZ is also seeking volunteers who have interests in other areas of radio like operations, fundraising, marketing and outreach. Contribute an hour a week or an hour a day! The station plans to start pre-programming the automated software with local content for broadcast on the internet starting now and then plans to add live DJ’s, talk shows and an RSS live feed.

Silent Auction Items for the KBCZ Dance!

Here are some of the auction items we have in store!!

Treat Yo’Self Package #1 1 Salt Scrub and I Body Wrap at Balance Spa, (2) $20.00 certificates for Once Upon a Nail and 1 bottle of Savannah Chenell Wine
Treat Yo’Self Package #2 1 Food Facial and Pineapple Peel by Balance Spa, (2) $20.00 Once Upon a Nail Certificate, 1 bottle of Savannah wine, 1 box of Boulder Creek Chocolates
A Kayak Connection trip for 2
Sail on the Chardonnay II Trip for 2
1 Hour Massage at Boulder Creek Massage
2 Oil Changes from Mtn Mechanic
2 Nights in Cabin Provided by The Big Basin Redwoods Park Company
Blue Adventure Kayak Naturalist- Led Tour od Elkhorn Slough for 1
Pacific Edge Wall Climbing Adventure Package
1 Hour Massage at Balance Spa
2 Oil Changes from George Galt
A 4-week series of Ballroom Dancing Lessons at Palomar Ballroom (or other dance)
A cord of Wood from Bob’s (you know you want that!)
Dinner for 2 at Casa Nostra
Ukulele Lessons
Vocal Lessons
3 Hours of Hypnosis with Daniel Gross
Savannah-Chanelle Wine Tasting for 1…..and more coming in every day!!