Our Story So Far

First KBCZ DJ Meeting of 2020. (pre-Covid)

Time Line (2012-2020)

  • In 2012, an FCC license became available for an NCE (Non-commercial educational) FM license for 90.1 FM covering all of Boulder Creek and surrounding areas. A group of San Lorenzo Valley community members began to discuss plans to support the BCRPD in purchasing the license. The community members had several meetings and were excited to begin broadcasting. 
  • On June 6, 2013 the BCRPD Board of Directors voted to move forward with plans to obtain the station.  The public voiced strong support for the project, and the radio station, KBCZ Boulder Creek Community Radio at 90.1 FM was born.  Local residents began to arrive on KBCZ’s virtual doorstep wanting to get involved. Tim Welch was named Interim Director, Tina Davey and Sam Peacock were named Interim Associate Directors.

  • After a year of steadily building infrastructure and pre-programming some original shows in a small room above Jenna Sue’s coffee shop, KBCZ then moved to a small room (the closet!) at the Boulder Creek Recreation Center in May of 2015

A Dedicated Space
for Dedicated DJ's

  • In 2015 we were very happy to have our own dedicated space, even if it was initially a closet, it became our working studio.

  • In May of 2015, Tina Davey was hired by The Boulder Creek Recreation District as Station Manager for KBCZ and Paul Nanna was named Technical Director.

  • July of 2015  under the technical direction of Paul Nanna, KBCZ began to stream limited content on-line at kbcz.org. These early pre-recorded shows were produced by Mike D, Jeff Smith(Uncle Jeffro), Bruce Bellochio(Brookdale Bluegrass Bruce)and Sean Greedy(The Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek).

  • On July 15 of 2016, under the technical direction of Paul Nanna and JV Rudnick, KBCZ broadcast it’s on-line programming successfully on 90.1FM.

  • In September of 2016, KBCZ conducted their first live Monday through Friday morning show remotely from  local music studio, the Boulder Creek Music Works. With the help of Music Works owner, Barry Tanner, the show continued until early February of 2017.

  • In December of 2016, the BCRPD gave KBCZ permission to officially share space at it’s Visitor Center in downtown Boulder Creek at 13200 Hwy 9, suite A.

The studio in the closet at the Boulder Creek Rec. 2015
Sharing the Visitor Center in town -2016
Matt Buchanan Building the Studio Space-Jan. 2017
KBCZ Lobby 2017
Front window and door to KBCZ

KBCZ - Open for Business

The BCRPD in June of 2017, seeing KBCZ’s continued growth and the teams’ unwavering enthusiasm,  relinquished the space and gave it’s full use to KBCZ. 

KBCZ officially opened its doors to the public in February of 2017.  The team was ecstatic to have a  storefront in town. After all, that had been the original idea for KBCZ way back in 2012,  a small-town radio station in a storefront downtown, a’la “Northern Exposure”, the popular 90’s TV show(minus the moose). It felt prophetic to be occupying a space that many of us had dreamed about being in.

KBCZ Studios 2019 Teen Show
Ozzy Freak with Tina Davey, Uncle Jeffro and Tara Bong July 4th, 2017
Samtheram Reporting on the Bear Fire 2017
Station Manager Tina Davey with Young Resident 2017
Tim Huxley 2019
Visiting Musicians 2017
Big Bri on Pledge Drive 2018

Masked Up!

The Randyman provides live video at the Senior Graduation at SLVHS June 5, 2020
Tara Bong March 2020
Tina Davey, March 2020
Julie O June 2020
Ozzy Freak Of Boulder Creek, March 2020
Mousecat Gabbs July 2020
Matt Slayershoes July 2020

Feels Good to Call This Home

KBCZ is non-political and non-religious and is managed by one part-time staffer that oversees this fantastic group of dedicated DJ’s and volunteers and is under the management of the District Manager of the BCRPD.

KBCZ has an Advisory Board that meets once bi-monthly and is also overseen by the BCRPD Board.

The radio station currently has over 30 local DJ’s producing 100% original shows, currently about 90% of the programs are conducted live in the downtown studio.  Programming currently is focused on music shows, talk and interview shows with a live PM Drive-Time show that is on Monday through Friday 4:00pm to 6:00pm and a News Roundup Monday through Thursday at 12:30pm hosted by Julie O and Tina Davey. 

The station is looking to work with local residents to create talk shows that discuss all range of subjects like cooking, good health practices, cars, hobbies and other topics of interest to the community. Programs for children and teens are being sought as well. Once the COVID crisis is over we will once again be training new DJ’s.

Music Submissions Manager, Greg Rose
DJ StirFry and Samtheram arrive back just in time for New Years Eve from New York 2019

In the Time of Covid -19


On March 19, 2020, KBCZ closed the downtown live studio in compliance with California state shelter in place orders to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. For approximately 64 days, KBCZ DJ’s broadcast remotely from their homes until it was deemed safe to return to the live studio. The studio reopened on May 11, 2020.

Some DJ’s have continued to broadcast from home, though many are back in the downtown live studio.