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KBCZ Shows

KBCZ News RoundUp

The KBCZ News Roundup with hosts Julia Dream and Tina Davey. Monday through Thursday at 12:30pm the focus is on local news and events.

Narrative Species

An interview show with host Rick Kleffel who had a long running show on KUSP. Rick speaks in depth with top authors.

After Hours

Afterhours on Tuesday nights with host, Malakai will feature music and local topics including facts about the music he plays, as well as world and local events. Malakai will welcome callers on-air and hear the opinions of the community. Tune in!

Unburied Treasure

Each week The Randyman opens up his musical treasure chest and shares the riches within. Hear gems not often heard over the radio spanning a wide variety of genres, and sometimes along with a theme. You’re invited to tune in and DIG! Saturdays 5-7pm.

Tower of Babel

Thursdays  from 10:030pm to 12:00am, DJ Do ascends the airwaves on KBCZ to bring you Tower of Babel. Disjointed soliloquies and disparate musical genres from around the world come together to challenge the heavens themselves. Tune in quick before some vengeful deity casts it asunder.

The Friday Morning Show with Mousecat

MouseCat Gabbs FM show Fridays 10am-noon-Playing a wide variety of pop tunes from around the world and around the corner.

The Mike D Show

The Mike D. Show High atop the redwoods and deeeeep in the forest, its The Mike D. Show “Playing…whatever!”

Navel Gazing

Join DJ Lush on a contemplative journey of introspective sounds moving across genres, eras, and continents. Tune in, lean back, and tune out, because this eclectic mix of evocative tunes will leave you Navel Gazing every Friday from 1-3pm

The Prolly Prog Show

The Prolly Prog Show, hosted by Dave Halper, plays progressive rock music the way it was meant to be heard. Tune in to hear your favorite prog rock tracks from the artists you love; not just the songs that come in under five minutes. 8-10pm Sundays

Monday Drive-Time Show

The Drive-Time Show with Samtheram with local traffic, weather and “This Day in History”.

The Mountain Road with Julia Dream

Julia Dream supplies the evening with magical Irish melodies that echo through the glen-er-the mountains.

Mountain Grass

Julia Dream takes aim at playing 2 hours of Blue Grass, real Mountain Grass! Thursdays 1:00pm-3:00pm

The Tuesday Drive-Time Show with Taylor Wolfsen

Every Tuesday, Taylor steps back into the 90's for all that great music, Yo!

Matt's Altered State

Matt’s Altered State with your host Matt Slayershoes

 90s grunge to modern alternative, including bands like Tool, Primus, Alice in Chains & The Beta Machine.

The Hardrock for the Humpday Show

The Hardrock for the Humpday Show. The Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek plays tunes based on a mix of new releases, deep cuts, and hard rock legends.

It Came From the 80's

Remember the 80’s? The neon clothes, the big hair, glam metal, Australian pop, and English post punk?  ‘It Came From the 80’s’ is a show not bound by musical genre, the only limit is our imagination and the creativeness of Generation X.” 

Mi Ruca

Mi Ruca, lowrider music by Mr. Reyna. Saturdays noon to 1pm

Off the Lip

Neil Pearlburg hosts Wednesday mornings 10am-noon.

Telemetric Transmission

Telemetric Transmissions. With host John Lehr. 60’s and 70’s music with psychedelic and garage bands that never left the garage.

Grateful AF

Grateful Dead Aficionado, Mr. Reyna takes us on a journey to see what a long trip its been. Saturdays 1:00 to 2:00pm

The Drive-Time Show with Feltopia

Laurie and Kevco playing 20th century Americana with an edge. Local traffic and weather to help you home.

Earth Church

Earth Church with Smiley Green Earth Church is a sonic sojourn into the roots of select genres including World, Reggae, R&B, Soul, Beats, Blues and the American soundtrack. Listen to voices of the Roots movement in cultivation, culture, evolution and exploration of consciousness re-establishing our connection to each other, nature and all living things.

Reggae Soul Power Hour

With your host Big Bri and guests! Local traffic and weather with the Pintly Perspective beer review at 5:00pm.

Women's Music Co-Op

Each week, a different KBCZ DJ plays music from any genre written and recorded by women. Every Wednesday afternoon 1:00pm-3:00pm.

The Voice of KBCZ

George Galt is the official voice of all of the underwriter spots that are aired on KBCZ. He has been with the station since its inception and is an excellent harmonica player as well as voice-over artist!
Want to hear the newest, just released music? Tune in on Saturday evenings at 7PM for the Catch of the Day Show!  DJ Greg Rose shares the latest and greatest songs from independent artists for your listening enjoyment. Tune in and listen!
Samtheram plays music fit for the jungle

The Wednesday Afternoon Rock and Roll Drive-Time Show with Scotty K

Scotty plays rock and roll with a few surprises. Local traffic and weather.

Redwood Radio

Redwood Radio spins the latest releases in the world of indie music.

Enrico Burmano

As a musician , and a bluegrass music promoter, being founder of the Good Old Fashion and Brookdale Bluegrass festivals, Eric Burman has put on bluegrass festivals with his friends for over 25 years.  Now, as Enrique Burmano, he shares with you the listener, the stories behind the festivals, the music and the artists. 

Electronic Tonic

Electronic Tonic, with host Tim Huxley is a mix of electronic music of all genres, including downtempo, mid tempo, funk, soul, house and hip hops beats and breaks, beat matching vinyl records and digging deep into the mp3 archives to bring a unique and eclectic mix of new and old tracks.

The Metal from the Mountains Show

The Metal From the Mountains Show. The Ozzy Freak of Boulder Creek strives to play some neck snappin’ tunes. With an emphasis on new releases and a mix of all of the sub-genres of Metal music, you’re invited to crank it up to 11!

Pixels to Plastic

Pixels to Plastics. Playing bitesize dance music from the last 50 years with your host Taylor Wolfson.

Sunday Morning Live!

With host Tina Davey, Sunday Morning Live! will invite talent into the lobby of KBCZ to perform live on-air.

Plain Talk About Food

Host Colly Gruselak brings her passion for cooking to KBCZ!